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Choked Paisa Bolta Hai Full Movie Free Download 720p HD

Choked Paisa Bolta Hai Full Movie Download Free HD 720p. Download Choked Paisa Bolta Hai 2020 Full Movie Free High-Speed Download. Movies64

Full Name: Choked Paisa Bolta Hai 2020 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p
Release Date: 5 June 2020 (USA)
Length: 1h 54min
Size: 792 MB
Quality: HD 720p
Genres: Drama
Language: Hindi
Cast: Saiyami Kher, Rajshri Deshpande, Amruta Subhash

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Choked Paisa Bolta Hai 2020 Full Movie Download Free HD 720p A bank employee weighed down by her jobless husband’s debts – and her own broken dreams – find a secret source of seemingly unlimited cash in her home.

Choked Paisa Bolta Hai Full Movie Story Line

Sarita and Sushant live in a lower-middle-class neighbourhood of Mumbai, trying to make ends meet with their young son. While the movie shows the daily struggles of a lower middle class family in Mumbai with all its up and downs, a flashback shows that Sarita and Sushant have a musical background and during a reality singing show, Sarita freezes onstage when the lights reveal a large audience. This past experience chokes her frequently, bringing stress and anxiety. Sarita is now the breadwinner of the family, working as a bankteller while Sushant remains frequently unemployed or engages in small schemes to make money with his neighbors. The burden on Sarita to work long hours at the bank with full responsibility at home causes frequent fights and issues between them. In midst of this, viewers learn that an unknown man brings a heavy suitcase in the same building as the Pillai's who rolls up large cash bundles in a ziploc bag and stuffs it in the bathroom drain. This hidden location is meant to imply hiding of black-money, which is learned to be the cause of choking the water sewage pipe, often causing unusual noises in Pillai's kitchen sink. One night, Sarita wakes up to drink water and she hears loud noises in the same pipe. She goes to check and starts to open and clean up the dirty water. To her surprise, she finds those hidden stuffed bags containing cash. She is astounded and after verifying the validity of the cash at her bank, she uses that cash to pay off Sushant's debt and indulge in buying high-end items for her home. Upon Sushant's inquiry, she responds that she has extra cash from her mother's fixed deposit.
Amidst this, episodes of the struggles of her neighbours and continued acrimony between them are shown. In particular, she shares a friendly yet stressful relationship with her neighbour downstairs, whom she adoringly calls Tai (meaning sister in Marathi). With nightly rituals of waking up and un-choking her kitchen pipeline, she continues to benefit from the new source of endless cash and uses it to indulge herself. However, all this free money ends abruptly, when she learns that Prime Minister Modi has introduced demonetization with banning notes of Rs. 500 and 1000. She and her neighbour Tai are distraught as Tai is preparing for her daughter's wedding and Sarita finds her free money ending, putting her back in the same struggle filled life that seemed to resolve with new money.
Sarita's life becomes even worse than before with angry customers, long hours and stress at the bank from the demonetization. Meanwhile, Sushant suspects that Sarita is having an extra-marital affair after being shown a video from Sarita's encounter with Reddy, a man from whom Sushant has borrowed money that Sarita had previously paid off from the "choked" money. Sarita goes to check the kitchen pipe and finds new currency notes of Rs. 2000 denomination, exciting her that despite cash restrictions imposed by the national government, she continues to get this "choked money" and uses it. Sarita goes to great lengths to hide this secret, even from Sushant by frequently locking up her kitchen and preventing unwanted guests from even sleeping in the kitchen.
Unfortunately for Sarita - her cash gathering comes to an abrupt end when thieves hold bank employees at gunpoint and steal all the money, including the cash that Sarita kept with her in her purse. She returns home saddened and dismayed that she loses at the most important moments in her life - during the reality singing show and now with this cash that gave her hope. Despite reassurance from Sushant, she hides the new money information and remains home. Unknown to her, the police are engaging in a criminal investigation into large sums of Rs. 2000 denomination notes have been given to a local politician who extracted that from a corrupt bank officer in a different city. When questioned by the police, Sarita is dumbfounded, as she feels that her mere use of the "chocked money" will now lead to an unnecessary criminal act against her as police inquire about the large sums of money that she had kept with her. However, Sushant intervenes and tells the police about the ziplock bagged money. During this revelation, the Pillai's neighbour deduces that the large bags being brought in their building were indeed by an assistant of the local politician that were actually newly minted money. They run up and take large sums of cash with them and return to their homes uncaught. After the police encounter the large bags of cash in the house of the assistant, then get Sushant's details.
One year later - upon returning from a trip, the Pillai's happily learn that they have been asked to come and collect 10% of the cash that the police encountered during their raid. Upon asking how much money that would be - the movie ends.
Storyline Source- Wikipedia


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