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LalBazaar Season 1

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Lalbazaar Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p
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Story Line

A group of dedicated cops from the Kolkata Police (KP) want to eradicate crime and corruption from the City of Joy. But, the death of a prostitute opens up a whole new can of worms – one that is filled with cold killers and ruthless ruffians.

Season Overview

Lalbazaar Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p A set of brave cops deal with the dark underbelly and bring some of the most sinister customers to justice.
Season Review
After the department lost one of their own – Circle Officer (CO) Abida – in a face-off with a violent criminal gang, AC Homicide Suranjan Sen (Kaushik Sen) is shattered beyond repair as the loss surpasses professional boundaries. On the other hand, young OC Saabir Ahmed (Ronjini Chakraborty) is grappling between his duties as a law enforcer and a family that is on the brink of falling apart owing to the dangers they are exposed to because of his line of profession. And an impatient SI Mira Dasgupta (Sauraseni Maitra) wants to catch controversial serial killers but her superiors are waiting for her to be completely ready. So many police officers, so many stories and backstories… but only question: how to make ‘sleepless’ Kolkata safe again?
This trilingual web series – dubbed in Tamil, Hindi and Bangla – presented by Ajay Devgn and directed by Sayantan Ghosal, starts off with a dramatic, over-the-top sex scene between an anonymous man and a local prostitute Ruby. And it is not looking good for her: upon realising that she is pregnant with Abhi-ka-bachha, the man is blinded with rage and he suffocates her to death. Later, the brothel madam tries to cover it up by portraying it as death by suicide, which, in turn, sparks a major controversy and alerts the KP that something sinister is at play. Now, in black and white, this premise shows a lot of promise: tough goons, tougher-hardworking cops. We get it. But, in reality, the narrative of ‘Lalbazaar’ is flat-out bizarre and an insipid depiction of the bravado of the Kolkata City Police.

The storyline has two parallel tangents: one is of the investigation into the murder of the sex worker, and the other is of all the outlandish (often laughable) murders that take place in the city. Try to wrap your head around this: a man chokes on the panty of his neighbour that was carefully planted by the murderer, but some of his own are upset because the piece of underwear was of cheap quality, and that includes his widow. What in the world!

Usually, Bongs speaking in broken Hindi sounds sweet and adorable but in this series, one actor carries his Bangla accent to the Hindi dubbing studio and the other doesn’t. Thus, making the narrative inconsistent and compromising on the authenticity of the story. Also, the brothels of Bengal have been stereotyped beyond words: the women lift their petticoats over smallest of scuffles, smoking cigarettes and drinking throughout the day and wearing loud make-up even when they are in their jammies. The goons must be huge fans of Shah Rukh Khan as they seem to be aping his look from ‘Raes’; did not work.

Known Bengali actors from the reel-life cop brigade – like Gaurav Chakrabarty, Sauraseni Maitra and Kaushik Sen – do their bit but there is hardly any meat in the roles that have been handed over to them and so, they disappoint. Also, the husky-voiced Sabyasachi Chakrabarty is barely there in the series, it would have been interesting to see more of him. And as for Hrishita Bhatt, she too does her best to put up a good show with whatever was available at her disposal: doesn’t work either. Not to mention, the climax was just ho-hum.

All in all, ‘Lalbazaar’ is a cop drama that needed to up its game in almost all the crucial departments. This trip to that bazaar was ‘khub phunnie.’
Review Source- IndiaTimes

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