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The Casino Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p
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Season Overview

The Casino Season 1 Full HD Free Download 720p Youths are attracted to something that is tabooed – And if you are rich and emotionally vulnerable then you had it – such youths largely succumbs to drugs and crime fighting against “Taboos” or restriction laid by family and lose their lives easily. This is a story of a Rich yet very humble, simple and loving boy Vicky, who is the Heir to his father’s multibillion Casino. Emotionally vulnerable after death of his mother, Vicky falls into hands of his father’s ‘Keep’ mistaking her to be loyal family friend. ‘She’ not only kills both his parents, she manipulates him emotionally and makes him totally dependent on her for even a glass of water. She takes over complete control of the Casino. Vicky, who is not hurt even an ant (As he claims), gets so emotionally controlled by her that he is now ready to kill for her. Will he kill for her? Will he ever come to know that she is a killer, not lover? Will he be able to survive her and live on?

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